Up With People!

What’s up? Me! I guess I should have asked “Who’s up?” And the answer is still “me!” Kids love to get way up high, mostly just to scare our parents, but it’s also way cool. We found a lovely vacation spot on the fourth floor. Even better, though, is it’s a two-level. So I get to sleep on the fifth floor. Bonus!

After a while, the fourth floor doesn’t seem so high, so I went looking for somewhere higher. I put on a happy face and a few other things and got dragged around a couple hundred feet or so above the ocean.

But for altitude, you just can’t beat airplanes. We broadened our horizons a bit and went to some other island where I can climb up high.

Last Winter, we visited the Grand Canyon. This Summer, we visited the Grand Canyon (of the Pacific). It has beautiful views and pretty water falls.

We heard there were smaller, but greener, canyons around the island, so we found a great company to take us on a tour. I saw lots of rivers, and even got to fly into a volcano!

After all that, I thought I’d get more down to earth, but not grounded. More like down to sea level. I managed to get up on a surfboard with the help of a great surf school.

Summer’s halfway over. I’m really looking forward to our Museum Tuesdays and Funday Thursdays!